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What is SuperAutomation?

SuperAutomation is a new concept that allows you to take existing automation solutions and manage them using a unified interface for scheduling, configuring and monitoring.

Integrate Existing Solutions

WinRobot allows you to take any automation flow or process and control it via the same tools and interface. Plus, you have telemetry included for even the most basic process.

Minimise Disruption

WinRobot runs separately from your automation process and does not interfere with the way it's running.

Ease the Adoption of New Technologies

Because WinRobot is non-intrusive, it can easily be plugged into new technologies when they are adopted, thus minimising future costs.

What is the Problem with First Party Solutions?

With all automation solutions, you have some sort application that does all of the work (e. g. opening windows, filling in forms, signing into accounts) and that runs on a user's machine. While you have the app that does all of the heavy lifting, one area that is not covered is execution management. Here, first party management solutions are not always the greatest because of the following:


They can be very expensive and they are not always included in the base pack,

Not Flexible

They only work with the technology stack they were developed for

What are the Benefits of SuperAutomation?

See why SuperAutomation is the best thing for your business needs

Improve Existing Systems

Take existing automations and improved them by adding remote control, logging, event notifications and detailed execution information

Implement Management

Add a unified layer of control to your systems and gain flexibility in you flow execution

Improve Efficiency

Figure out where things bottleneck or where things could be done better by receiving real time information

Spend Less

Invest in a single, future-proof system that is guaranteed to work with any technology stack, be it old or brand new