Understand what WinRobot can do for you

The Components of WinRobot

WinRobot is built with flexibility in mind. As such, all local execution is managed through an independent service that communicates efficiently with the user through apps and cloud.

Local Service

Communicates with the cloud to launch all Robots and processes.


Handles all communication and data that flows through the WinRobot system

User Applications

Allow you to control, monitor and analyse your robots from any device

Mobile Features that Count

With the mobile app you have access to your robots wherever you are with just a swipe

Built for Mobile

The mobile app gives you info at a glance whether you are using iOS or Android.

Smartly Designed

WinRobot Mobile lets you be one step ahead of your automation by letting you be in control.

Web Features that Count

Access your robots and logs from any browser. Be in control of everything. Rise above the others with top notch features.

Many Options Included

WinRobot Web includes all of the features you could want for both business and personal needs. From dashboards, control systems and logging, the web app has it all.

Multi-User Support

WinRobot features support for Organisations a container for multiple users that supports roles and advanced permissions.

Watch The Demo

See WinRobot in action and discover how it could change your business.

Core Features

See which features of WinRobot make it the best tool for improving existing automations

Good Value

Pay only for what you need and upgrade easily later

Designed For Flexibility

WinRobot can be used to launch any process

User Interface

The user interface blends control and information


All communication is done securely using top-spec tech


Jobs can repeat forever without maintenance


Features extensive configuration options


Can be deployed on multiple machines easily


Always know if something is up with your Robots

Telemetry Built-in

With all of the configuration options that WinRobot offers, you also get excellent insights on your execution and performance

Detailed Data

View multiple layers of data and identify the information you need in large logs coming from many machines

Real Time

Get updates as they are happening with real time telemetry and logs

SaaS Business Solution

WinRobot is provided as a service, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Our plans guarantee you the appropriate level of features for the money you pay. Plus, you have updates and support included in all plans, even in the Basic one.