Be In Control Of Your Automation

WinRobot features our SuperAutomation technology. This turns WinRobot into a component that can easily be plugged into any existing automation system.

What does WinRobot do for You?

WinRobot is designed to help you improve existing automations by providing control, scheduled execution, logging, telemetry and much more.


You can decide when and how often your automation processes run


You can view logs and telemetry in real time and supercharge your BI experience

Fire Button

You can fire automation processes at your request at the press of a button

Custom Robot Configuration


WinRobot is an universal solution, meaning it works with all automation systems. You have the automation, we give you the control and flexibility.

Flexible Scheduling

WinRobot allows you to set complex schedules with intervals ranging from hours and minutes to weeks or even months

Detailed Execution Arguments

With WinRobot you can specify exactly how you want your apps to run thanks to the many configuration options.

How does WinRobot Work?

WinRobot uses a local service that receives push notifications from WinRobot Cloud. When the configuration of a robot changes, the service looks at it and proceeds accordingly.
It's that simple!

1. Robot is Configured

You have multiple ways to configure your robots - web, mobile

2. Service Schedules Execution

The service decodes the schedule and figures out when it should run its Jobs

3. Jobs Run Without Hassle

The Robots start executing their Jobs at the right time, automatically

All Robots at A Glance

The smart UI that WinRobot uses across platforms provides a a clear overview of Robot activity and status, making you worry less whether your business workflows are on track or not.

Robot Status
Fire Now
Enable/Disable Robots
Smart Filters
Fast and Fluid Apps

Web-Enabled and Web-Available

The WinRobot web app is the best way to view control your robots, view logs and query telemetry.

This is what our esteemed clients have to say

This is what our esteemed clients have to say

See what our clients think about WinRobot and why it has changed their business.

We have a Plan

Yes, you heard it right, we have a plan - in fact, we only offer one subscription plan with our product. This is because we believe you should have access to all the features of WinRobot regardless of how much you're paying.

X1 Pack

200/ Per Month

What You Get

  • Basic Information
  • 1 Machine
  • Unlimited Robots
  • Web Management
  • Enhanced Support

Something Else

???/Per Month

Have a special need?

  • Need more than 1 machine?
  • Have many users?
  • Get in touch with us
  • We'll make you a special offer

Commonly Asked Questions

Understand how WinRobot can change the way you manage your automation

  • What can I use WinRobot for?
  • WinRobot can be used for any process that is automated and that requires more control than standard tools can offer.

  • What do I need this for? Shouldn't automation work on its own?
  • With WinRobot, you are not replacing your automation, you simply become in control of it.

  • What do I need to install in order to use WinRobot?
  • On your production machines, you only need the WinRobot Windows service. Once that is installed, you can control any application on your machine remotely.

  • Does WinRobot steal all of my data?
  • No, WinRobot does not touch any of the data on the machines it it deployed. WinRobot only needs a schedule and something to run and that’s the only data we store. Plus, logs are secure and encrypted and only you can see them.

Download the WinRobot app

Get access to your robots anywhere you are with the WinRobot app. Available for iOS and Android.